Message of Greetings

We will show the value of Japanese leather products and our faithful business
Message from Mr. Osawa, the chairperson of JLIA

Japanese leather products have a high reputation in the world for the quality backed with traditional skills, and the superior design polished by sensitive Japanese consumers.

In Japanese culture, an attitude of "putting a great effort into parts that no one notices" and expectation of "unspoken understanding" are often thought as a virtue, and because of that we have had some difficulty to show the goodness of products.

Now, at a time when internationalization has been progressing and EPA and FTA have been signed between many countries, it is an essential task to promote the appeal of Japanese leather products. This is a mission JLIA has to do.

In APLF Fashion Access 2012, twenty four companies of shoes, bags, accessories, belts and gloves have exhibitions, which is far more exhibitors than last year.

All these companies have an "entrepreneur's spirit" which is a frontier spirit and tireless efforts for gaining customer satisfaction. They will surely be your faithful business partner.

JLIA has just opened a showroom in Shanghai as a base for promotional activities in Asian countries. The showroom in Shanghai will help the business between Asian countries and Japanese corporations.

I hope that you will come and take a look at each company's proud products and will find Japanese excellent skill and sense of beauty.

Mr. Shigemi Osawa

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