Report of APLF 2011


Hong Kong APLF held two fairs: this year, MM&T (Leather Material / Manufacturing Machine & Technology fair) featured exhibitors of 1,235 companies from 51 countries (1,007 companies from 47 countries and regions last year), and Fashion Access featured exhibitors of 643 companies from 30 countries (656 companies from 22 countries and regions).

Fashion Access drew more than 12,000 visitors during the three-day period from March 30 to April 1.

Japan Pavilion held by JAPAN LEATHER AND LEATHER GOODS INDUSTRIES ASSOCIATION (JLIA) was consisting of seventeen companies from eight associations, and it was the fourth time to have an exhibition at Fashion Access in APLF.

The Great East Japan Earthquake happened on March 11, and people in Japan are now working together on disaster reconstruction.

Production sites of Japanese leather and leather products are mostly located in Tokyo and western Japan. Those areas were not directly affected by the earthquake and they are keeping their production steadily same as before. All seventeen companies had participated at Japan Pavilion in APLF 2011 as scheduled and received high evaluation for their quality and design. In this exhibition, they got the best response they have ever had before.

Introduction of the exhibits and the nominees for APLF Award

Products of two companies from participated seventeen Japanese companies were nominated for APLF Award this year. The products of IWASAKI CO., LTD. and SHAMIOR CO., LTD. narrowly missed a prize, but design and techniques of Japanese products were highly acclaimed. Below is introduction of the nominees.

Well-selected genuine leather materials and well-developed skills
IWASAKI CO., LTD. (Belts, Leather goods, Bags)

IWASAKI CO., LTD., which marks 92 years since its establishment this year, is a belt manufacturer adhering to genuine leather. The nominated product is a 5mm thick belt of genuine leather tanned by Japanese tanners. It is sturdy and metal part is not rusted with special coating.

With keywords of "Creation, Business, Quality assurance", SHAMIOR Co., LTD. aims for the global market by product differentiation and international division of labor
SHAMIOR CO., LTD. (Women's shoes)

The company's new style comfort shoes drew attention. With adopting best materials and parts such as the outsole they developed with researching ergonomics, SHAMIOR creates comfort shoes having both fashion and comfort.

List of the exhibitors (15 companies)

Here is introduction of exhibits and exhibitors who received a good reputation.

Tradition: a thing handed down from parent to offspring
WITH CO., LTD. (Leather goods, Bags, Stationery)

The letters of "Shion" on our products were formed with braided cords. We can make it with your brand's name when in a case of OEM order. The material is vegetable tanned calfskin, which was buffed carefully one by one.

Factory's private brand of "Handmade in TOKYO" bag
KIKUHIRO CO., LTD. (Handbags, Purses)

Inquiries to our company from buyers in Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore and mainland China increased this year. Also, we had more visitors to our booth than before. We are expecting the Hong Kong representatives in our booth this year will enhance continuous business.

Total management of manufacturing from planning and materials development to high quality small lot domestic production
SAKATA CO., LTD. (Handbags, Purses, Accessories)

We adhere to domestic production and are specializing in elegant and high quality line. Our private brand "SUPPOSE" of shrink leather products featuring 25 different colors is also well-received. It was our first time to have an exhibition, and we enjoyed getting responses from visitors from Asian and European countries.

Pursuing of design, function and technique reached an elegant, feminine 2-way bag; "grace J" is moving into the world market
STEP ONE CO., LTD. (Handbags)

Our company has been handling OEM/ODM bag production of Japan's famous brand for 14 years. This year we launched and showcased our own brand "Grace J" with a concept of reversible. At the exhibition we took many orders from buyers around the world such as Hong Kong, Singapore and UK and so on. We are always ready to receive inquiries from the world.

In-house research & development team enables quick delivery of skilled craftsmen's products
NOMURA SEISAKUSHO CO., LTD. (Leather goods, Leather Stationery)

We are a leather wallet and leather goods manufacturer launched in 1923. We have been trying productions of using various leather including high-class materials such as crocodile, diamond python and lizard. Please take a look at our website for more information.

Artistic leather goods made with exquisite techniques of "ultra-thin sweeping mount", "cutting edge after fold", "edge polishing"
KAWAHOUSHI HIROAN CO., LTD. (Wallets, Name card cases, Notebook covers)

KAWAHOUSHI HIROAN Co., LTD. is a manufacturer of men's leather goods established in 1906. We launched own brand "HIROAN" in April 2000 and started selling at department stores across the country, and JAL's in-flight sales, mail-order service and so on. The thin notebook cover and the business card case made with folded leather on the photo are very popular because of their thinness and delicate quality work.

Self-manufacturer sticking to "Do everything"

Since its establishment in 1948, our company has been preserving tradition and faith we earned. We keep doing our best everyday to gain customers' trust. From development of leather material to OEM production, we believe we are the most reliable company to you.

Aiming to create quality products
YAMAMAN CO., LTD. (Wallets, Stationery, Bags)

YAMAMAN Co., LTD. (YMMN) is a leather goods manufacturer of wallets, bags, stationery. The high level edge finishing, a special sewing technique, and thinness of our products acquired high reputation and drew the attention from buyers from Asian countries.

eternity CO., LTD. (Bags, Belts, Leather goods)

We are a leather products manufacturer with a history of 50 years. We make a proposal of coordinates of bovine leather products with a bag, purse, belt and dog's collar in the same color.

We can accept from orders of a unit of one
MAPLE CO., LTD. (Belts, Handbags, Leather goods)

MAPLE Co., LTD. has a group of craftsmen and designers with wide range of skills, and offers various kinds of belts and handbags that meet customers' requests from elegant French style to casual style. In this exhibition, we showcased our Japanese-made products of belts, leather goods, material and dyeing skill, and those received favorable opinions.

We combine traditional skills and technology under the theme of "What is comfort for shoes?" to pursue a fashionable and comfortable shoe manufacturing
AKIO SHOES CO., LTD. (Men's Shoes, Women's Shoes)

We are a leather shoes manufacturer established in 1945. We have two factories in Japan and do all manufacturing in Japan from cutting to finishing. With the concept of "Light, soft, comfort and good for foot", we are selling "AKIO GOLF" and "GLOBAL GOLF" in Hong Kong, Taiwan and South Korea as well as at major department stores in Japan, and achieve popularity. We are expanding new market through the exhibition.

Manufacturing of 100% Japanese-made women's shoes. With ISO9001, we handle high-quality, high-mix, small-lot, quick-delivery production
MEED CO., Ltd. (Women's shoes, Bovine leather walking shoes)

MEED Co., LTD. is a women's shoe company founded in 1972 in Kobe, one of the major fashion city in Japan. The shoes on the photo were designed focusing on shock-absorption. They were made by bovine leather and the soles are soft and comfortable. Tanning and manufacturing including the mesh part were all done by domestic production.

As an evolving veteran shoe manufacturer, we present a new "KUTSU" culture

REGAL CORPORATION has been engaging in integrated manufacturing from planning to production to sale with the motto "quality first" since its establishment in 1902. We received high praises for our design and quality from many visitors at this year's APLF, and got new offers from overseas market. REGAL's faithful and high skill manufacturing and fashionable style are widely supported in Japan. We'll keep presenting an eco-friendly new style of standard shoes to the world through our "KUTSU" production.

We send "kindness" and "warmth" through fashion
KURODA CO., LTD. (Leather gloves, Work gloves, Knit products)

KURODA CO., LTD. brings you warmness through fashion. Our warm and cozy products have a solid base of popularity. The leather gloves featuring fur and using cashmere knit in the inside are our most recommended winter product this year.

Pursuing beauty and warmth of leather
INOSE CO., LTD. (Bags)

We have been manufacturing exclusively famous brands' leather bags for more than half a century with our excellent craftsmen.The bag on the photo was made by oil calfskin. It is scratch and stain resistance and it changes more beautifully the more you use it. The brown bag can be changed to a round-shaped bag by using the hooks. "Edge-finishing process" was done to the handle and you also can see many other detailed works in this bag.

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